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Active in the Parksville area, est. 1997

App Pro Roofing is a company who specializes in roof repairs and maintenance in the Victoria area since 1987.

With the roof repairs you can extend the life of your roof and save money by doing the repairs you need, instead of the perfect solution.

Using the professional experience of All Pro Roofing you can get the work you need done fast, which and efficiently.

Since 1987

In 1987, the All Pro began their roofing career with Sam the roofer, honing skills in flat roofing and shingle work. This valuable experience paved the way for their role in founding All Pro Roofing.

Since then All Pro Has been working all across British Columbia with their expertise they have worked across all of British columbia doing work for


Over time, Andrew expanded his expertise by completing his RCABC apprenticeship through various roofing companies. He has honed his skills and gained diverse knowledge in different roofing practices.


Andrew then moved on to complete his rcabc appreciateship with different company's.

With a successful track record, Andrew has been operating his own roofing business on Vancouver Island for 35 years. Throughout his career, he has garnered recognition, awards, and verification for his dedication and craftsmanship.